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Mayfair is the famous area of London home to the major shopping districts and business'. Located within the city of Westminster, it is the centre of much of the commerce and retail in the capital. There are many serviced apartments and Boutique hotels in Mayfair.

Positioned in the direct centre of London, Mayfair takes its name from a ancient festival held at Shepherds market each spring. Many gathered for 'The May Fair' annually until it was re-located to Fair Field in Bow. Throughout the 20th century Mayfair has assembled an array of luxurious houses and offices that make it one of the most exclusive and expensive areas in the country. This reputation has been heightened on a national scale, by the positioning of Mayfair as the most valuable property on a standard Monopoly board. A district that has overseen the development of Piccadilly Circus and Park Lane among others, it is a truly remarkable place to work or visit.

Mayfair is most famous for the endless list of renowned streets and landmarks that rest inside its boundaries. Oxford Street lies to the north of the district and, along with neighbouring Bond Street and Regent Street, is the hub for modern retail. It today accommodates over 300 shops including dozens of major department stores such as Marks and Spencer, House of Fraser and Debenhams.

Mayfair is also the destination when searching for high quality British tailoring. Saville Row is the historic site that provides exclusive bespoke tailoring to the most exclusive of clients, including Winston Churchill and Prince Charles. Not to be outshone by the cities trade centres, Mayfair also harbours London's most popular retreat – Hyde Park. The Park is one of the largest in the capital and is infamous for its live, open-air concerts and speakers corner.

Such a reputable area, Mayfair has a long list of notable persons that have resided in the district at some point, however it is particularly known for its association with royalty and politics. Queen Elizabeth II, was born in Bruton Street and grew up there during her years before coronation. It was also the home to several ex-prime ministers and a handful of American presidents. Benjamin Disraeli and Sir Robert Peel both owned property's in the area whilst not serving in office as did 34th US general, Dwight Eisenhower.

Situated in the centre of the West-End, Mayfair is, perhaps unsurprisingly, very easy to locate and travel to and from. It is littered with tube stations that are lurking around most corners, tourists able to take their pick from a host including; Oxford Circus, Regent Street and Green Park. The nearest overland railway is not far either, Victoria Station is a short walk from all ends of Mayfair. However, like most areas of Central London, this is a place to leave the car keys at home. Mayfair is perhaps the busiest district in Westminster, especially in rush hour periods and parking is particularly tricky without a permit.

Home to the centre of retail, business and tourism, Mayfair has the heartbeat of London within its gates. Host to a collection of attractions that the capital has to offer, Mayfair is simply the embodiment of everything associated with this great city.